Canoe Slalom Technique Library

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Welcome to the online version of the Slalom Technique DVD.

The DVD and this website set out to identify and demonstrate the key technical content of slalom. It has three sections starting with the basic strokes and drills in Level 1, moving onto basic slalom gate technique in Level 2 and finally more advanced whitewater gate technique in Level 3. All of the three slalom classes - Kayak, C1 & C2 are covered.

These techniques are not solutions for every slalom situation. However they provide an initial correct starting point of boat position, stroke sequences and behaviours which can be adapted to the requirements of most common slalom moves. They will help develop a coach or paddlers "technique toolbox" for using in most typical flatwater or whitewater slalom situations.

Most of the footage was shot in 2005 & 2006 using members of the GB Canoe Slalom Teams based in Nottingham and paddling new rules boats conforming to the dimensions introduced by the ICF for the beginning of the 2005 season.

What people are saying...

"Made by todays champions for the champions of tomorrow - an absolute must for every slalom paddlers library"
Jurg Gotz - National Performance Coach - BCU World Class

"The canoe slalom technique DVD was a brilliant concept which is now a polished product. It will be an extremely useful companion for everyone involved in canoe slalom - the aspiring young beginner, the experienced racer and all coaches. I found myself watching my test copy for hours when I got it!"
Campbell Walsh - Olympic Silver Medalist 2004

"The DVD is a great breakdown of the sport showing in good clear detail how to execute the basic techniques of the sport and build them up to put it all together in a full run on a canoe slalom course"
David Florence - World Cup Gold Medalist 2006